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Private Fee Guide

Book in for a private consultation for £75 (£60 for under 18’s). The fee will be refunded if you go ahead with treatment

The fee for your treatment will depend on several factors such as:

  • The complexity of treatment.
  • The length of treatment.
  • The type of orthodontic appliance used.
  • Whether treatment includes both upper and lower teeth or just a single arch treatment or even a localized treatment for the front teeth only.

The cost for an initial consultation with one of our Orthodontic Specialists is £75.

The choice of appliance that best suits your needs will be discussed on your first visit and a tailored estimate of the cost will be sent to you. This will ensure that you get the best value for money as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.  This should be the advantage in seeing a fully trained Orthodontic Specialist.

The estimate will also include an interest free payment plan if this is your preference. The initial installment will usually be due on the day the appliance is fitted followed by monthly installments during the treatment. We would note this is not a finance plan (with finance costs) but staged payments to ease the cost pressure.

Before commencing any treatment we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan with the price generally fixed at the start of the treatment. The price will include the full cost of the treatment without any hidden fees.

Where there are several options for treatment or different appliances that can be used we can provide you with an estimate of the cost for each alternative to help you decide on the best individual plan for you.

Treatment prices can range from £1250 for a single localized fixed appliance up to £5500 for a complex comprehensive treatment with full upper and lower fixed appliances.

Use of the most expensive appliances will of course increase costs further but these can always be mitigated by spread payments. Currently treatment with the most expensive appliances can cost up to £8250.

It is possible however, that additional fees could be due for additional work or costs incurred in the case of lack of care to the braces, also missed appointments that lose surgery time. Happily this is rare.

Multidisciplinary cases that require extensive liaison with your dentist or other specialists can increase the treatment cost however, this will be agreed prior to commencing treatment.



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